was recently launched as an effort o give the facts about the e-cigarette industry, and help consumers find the best vapor cigarette for their own personal use. Hardcore, life-long smokers and social puffers alike will find the views informative and written as a “matter-of-fact” tone as to not push any consumers to one brand.

“We documented facts, gathered all relevant information, and even looked at what some long-running blogs are saying about vapor cigarettes,” said Grant, one of the website operators. “Many brands were polled and a lot of people may not agree with the current rankings, but that’s all based on our findings and what people have been collectively saying.”

The recently launched web portal hopes to become the authority on e-cigarettes, and it’s adding value-added services such as “ask an expert” where you can ask a long time e cigarette smoker in a question and answer forum about different brands of vapor cigarettes. Another piece of information the site boasts is a list of all the areas of the world that have outlawed smoking. It’s perhaps the most comprehensive list of where smoking is outlawed or limited by law. This shows the importance of the electronic cigarette, and why the industry is becoming so popular.

Of all consumer sources polled, Green Smoke, known to be the innovator of the two piece design which most e cigarette companies now use, continues to be the best electronic cigarette.

Vapor cigarettes have been around since 2003 and most of them are made in China. While there is a debate as to their safety on the regulatory level, there are many obvious benefits include no tar, no carcinogens, and no odor or second hand smoke. Many people are finding that switching to e cigarettes is becoming a more convenient way to emulate smoking and still get the same satisfaction.

The e cigarette reviews on the website will be updated each month according to the latest consumer polls.

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