Gravity Jack and GeoGuides have established a technology-sharing partnership for the purpose of pioneering new developments in geotagging and directionally-enhanced search technologies.

LIBERTY LAKE, WA — Gravity Jack and GeoGuides have established a technology-sharing partnership for the purpose of pioneereering new developments in directionally-enhanced search technologies.

GeoGuides will use Gravity Jack’s augmented reality and geotagging technologies and patents for object placement, light oscillation markers, and realtime detection/vectorization for instant 3D scene model building.

GeoGuides new technology developments are designed to enhance the Dublin tourism sector through the development of robust local search and location software technology. GeoGuides flagship product, the Intrepid Explorer Platform, allows individuals to point their GPS equip smartphones, tablets or cameras at geographical areas to in order to access information about those areas.

“We’re thrilled that our technology will play a role in the ambitious projects that GeoGuides is developing. These are the types of projects that really push the boundaries of technology and move the entire industry forward,” said Jennifer Richey, CEO of Gravity Jack, Inc. (

GravityJack’s outdoor augmented reality solutions allow for objects to be placed correctly into the live video stream and be hidden correctly when a real world object moves in front of it from any generic scene — without pre-mapping requirements. Current solutions just overlay an object without keeping it relative to the scene or they require a marker.

“We thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology. When others say something is ‘impossible,’ that’s where we step in and take the challenge. We’re excited to embark on this technology journey with GeoGuides and discover what is possible,” said Richey.

About Gravity Jack: Gravity Jack, Inc, ( was founded in 2009 when a dream team in software development came together to kick tail in the augmented reality space. The company designs and develops robust software solutions for all industries including augmented reality and retail software for both the iPhone and Android operating systems.

About GeoGuides: GeoGuides (, founded in 2009 by Tony Burke, Marcel Henry and Paul Hennessy, is a provider of mobile, location-based software products and services. GeoGuides Ltd. is headquartered in Wicklow, Ireland. GeoGuides is the exclusive provider of tools and support to developers building applications and systems based on GeoVector’s patented Directional Search and Augmented Reality technologies.

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