Crime detective writer, Julius Falconer, recently released ‘The Wichenford Court Murder.’ The novel combines old-fashioned detective work with the picturesque setting of rural England.

KENT, ENGLAND — Julius Falconer, author of several murder mystery novels, has published the latest book in his series.

Titled ‘The Wichenford Court Murder,’ the story is written in the classic tradition of British detective fiction. As the story unfolds, the novel’s narrator shares with the reader all the information available to the investigating detectives. Readers can race against the detectives to figure out ‘whodunit.’

“My novels are mostly set in the county of Worchester, which provides just the sort of rural environment suitable for intellectual games in the mould of the classics of British crime fiction: country houses, quaint villages, gentle hills, calm rivers, tranquil country lanes, views across farm-speckled valleys, and plentiful woodland ringing with the sound of bird-song. In a way my novels attempt to capture a more gracious age than our own, when the countryside was inhabited by farm-workers, when the roads were not so noisy and before the age of mass entertainment,” said Julius Falconer (

Pneuma Springs Publishing publishes the novel, which is the latest of Falconer’s work. Other titles include ‘A Death Twice Avenged,’ ‘The Longdon Murders,’ ‘The Spider’s Banquet’ and ‘The Unexpected Death of Father Wilfred.’ Each crime detective story is written in Falconer’s classic style. The books are available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers and wholesalers across The United States, Canada and Europe.

“Readers will love the newest book from Julius Falconer. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive and the readers seem to appreciate that Falconer takes them back with a good, old-fashioned detective story. We’re sure that ‘The Wichenford Court Murder’ will delight old fans and create more than a few new ones for Falconer,” said Vivian Akinpelu of Pneuma Springs Publishing.

About Julius Falconer: Julius Falconer, a member of the Crime Writers’ Association and retired teacher writes detective stories that are clever, witty, erudite and stylish. The novels are a genuinely refreshing approach to good old murder mystery, a new style of penmanship for the hardened mystery fan.

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