Sliema, Malta – The National Football League has turned out to reveal quite an interesting 2010/2011 season thus far. Teams that few predicted would get anywhere are leading the pack while some of last year’s favorites have fallen to the way side. The question on many sports bettors’ minds right now is what will week 11 of the NFL season bring? aims to answer that question as is it announces the release of its NFL betting picks for week 11. The online sports betting portal offers punters a wealth of information, and its weekly NFL picks are one of the most popular destinations on the website this season.

Some of the more intriguing match-ups this week include Thursday night’s game, pitting the (5-4) Miami Dolphins against the (6-3) Chicago Bears, the (6-3) Pittsburgh Steelers against the (5-4) Oakland Raiders, and the (7-2) New York Jets against the (4-5) Houston Texans.

The Chicago Bears started off the year with a bang, but have experienced terrible turnover ratios in their last few games, while the Miami Dolphins have shown great resilience on the road. However, the Dolphins will be playing this one at home just after claiming their first at-home victory of the season against the Tennessee Titans last week. The online sports betting site takes into account the long-term injury of Dolphins QB Chad Pennington, short-term injury of QB Chad Henne and the likely enrollment of third string QB Tyler Thigpen into the Miami line-up come this Thursday.

The sports site’s NFL betting picks give the scoop on the Oakland Raiders, who have blown their competition away in recent weeks, demolishing the Denver Broncos 59-14 in week 7 and crushing the Seattle Seahawks 33-3 in week. Last week’s 23-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs wasn’t quite as impressive, but it kept the team’s momentum going strong. The Steelers are looking to whisk that momentum out from underneath the Raiders as they take home field advantage coming off a 39-26 loss to the New England Patriots last week.

There are plenty more NFL match-ups online sports bettors will be keeping a close eye on next week. Sports Untapped offers NFL betting picks for week 11 on the above mentioned contests as well as the following games: Carolina Panthers vs. the Baltimore Ravens, Tennessee Titans vs. Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks vs. New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams vs. Atlanta Falcons, New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants and finally the Denver Broncos vs. the San Diego Chargers.

NFL betting picks are one of the most popular tools online sports bettors use from week to week to decide where to lay their money. presents weekly football betting picks along with a complete NFL betting guide that tutors new online sports betting enthusiasts through the process of getting started. The guide educates punters in the many ways and wonders of betting on the NFL over the internet.

More than halfway through the regular season, NFL betting fans are already looking ahead to the future, setting their sights on Super Bowl XLV. Anticipating the intrigue, Sports Untapped devised an NFL Super Bowl betting guide that teaches punters all of the different ways they can bet on the Super Bowl, as well as proffering a range of NFL betting tips and an in-depth comparison of teams likely to compete for the trophy in 2011.

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