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Denver, CO—Twelve people were left with injuries following a 34-vehicle pile-up on Monday, November 15, 2010, as a band of snow moved through the area. The massive automobile accident occurred on Interstate 25, near Denver, as reported by USA Today.

The Colorado State Patrol stated that 34 vehicles, including four 18-wheelers, were involved in three separate crashes. Officials blamed the wreck on the snow, fog and ice that was a result of a winter storm moving through the area. Two of the wrecked vehicles required extractions of their victims.

All of the injuries acquired in the pile-up were considered to be non-life threatening.

“The cars that were in front of us were pretty much spinning out of control, doing 360s, and we just managed to pull over to the side and avoided it all,” Carl Howell stated.

Those who were not injured in the crashes were transported from the scene by school buses to a church in Larkspur, which is about 40 miles south of Denver.

The Colorado Department of Transportation warns drivers that Colorado’s driving conditions can change drastically from sunny to blowing snow in the matter of an hour or two. The CDOT offered tips for drivers commuting in the winter months:

• Be sure to carry plenty of windshield wiper fluid as liquid de-icers may stick to your windshield

• Let the snowplow drivers do their jobs by giving them extra room

• Slow down! Even roads that have been treated with liquid de-icers may be slippery

• Don’t use cruise control when traveling in winter conditions

• Be prepared. Have a scraper, snow brush, coat, hat, gloves, blanket, first aid kit, flashlight, tire chains, matches and nonperishable food in your car

• Make sure your tires have good tread

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