/EINPresswire.com/Minneapolis, MN, November 22, 2010 – Verisae, the global leader in Sustainability Resource Planning (“SRP”), continues to receive accolades from industry analysts. In the recently published AMR Gartner report “Sustainable Business Systems,”* Verisae was included as a “sample vendor”.

For organizations, sustainability represents both a challenge and an opportunity. To capitalize on the opportunities and minimize risk, they require an enterprise software solution that extends beyond managed services or consulting engagements to offer a longer term return on investment. Most organizations are producing mass amounts of data, but data capture alone isn’t enough. It is the actionable intelligence that is derived from verifiable data that helps organizations improve.

According to the report, “an ever-increasing focus on resource optimization and energy and materials efficiency, coupled with long-standing social and reputational issues associated with sustainability, are driving the sustainability imperative up the corporate agenda and increasing toward core decision makers in operational and financial functions.”

“We believe the AMR Gartner report reinforces the strategy driving our product forward,” said Jerry Dolinsky, executive vice president of field operations for Verisae. “We are pleased to offer a proven sustainability platform that negates challenges, automates processes, and delivers compelling returns for our customers.”

Verisae’s Executive Dashboards and contextual analysis solutions allow organizations to not only analyze data but drive real action. These capabilities were factors in why Verisae received high rankings in sustainability performance management, operational process improvement, energy automation, efficiency, and advanced metering categories.

The “Sustainable Business Systems” report is divided into three sections that examine varying software components and capabilities. The research sought to provide a framework to define the current and future requirements for sustainability strategies and establish how they link to corporate principles, applications, services, and value-adding activities.

*Gartner, Inc. Sustainable Business Systems, Part 3: Differentiating Sustainable Solutions by Functional Domain, Stephen Stokes, October 25, 2010.

About Verisae

Verisae (http://www.verisae.com/pr) helps measure, manage and reduce equipment and energy costs including the related business and environmental impacts of carbon emissions. The Sustainability Resource Planning (“SRP”) platform improves operational efficiency, protects brand integrity, and helps ensure regulatory compliance for distributed enterprises across many industries.

Verisae delivers a broad range of sustainability solutions to over 45 clients globally with more than 65,000 daily users including a network of more than 7,500 third-party suppliers. Verisae’s integrated sustainability platform actively tracks over 2.5 million assets across more than 20,000 sites worldwide.