With so many online poker rooms to choose from it can be a very difficult for players to process all of the pros and cons of the different poker sites. This is why BestPokerRooms.com has taken this troublesome step out of the equation by providing “Top-Lists” detailing the best qualities of each online poker room.

BestPokerRooms.com is a popular online poker portal that ranks the numerous online poker rooms in a variety of different categories that are important to online poker players. BestPokerRooms.com then uses these metrics to create their “Best Poker Rooms” lists, where they explain the ins-and-outs of why each site was chosen in its respective category.

BestPokerRooms.com main objective is to guide online poker players to the best poker rooms that will fulfill their individual needs. So, whether your primary goal is to find the best online poker room for Swedish poker players or for Linux users BestPokerRooms.com has you covered.

Here is a look at some of the lists that BestPokerRooms.com has created to help their readers navigate the murky waters many players encounter as they try to
determine which online poker room to join: Best Credit Card Poker Rooms, Best Real Money Poker Rooms, Best Poker Rooms for MAC Users, Best US Poker Rooms, and Best Poker Rooms for Rakeback Players.

One of the site’s most useful Best Poker Rooms list is the one titled ‘Fishiest Online Poker Rooms’. In poker weak players are referred to as ‘Fish’, so it should come as no surprise that you would want to play at an online poker room with a healthy population of these players. Here is how BestPokerRooms.com describes the list of the Fishiest Poker Rooms on its website: “Finding the fishiest poker room on the Internet is like finding the Holy Grail. Fishy poker rooms are by far the most profitable, and the list of poker sites we have created are by far the fishiest of the bunch.”

The online poker rooms selected by BestPokerRooms.com as the fishiest poker rooms in online poker were Sportsbook Poker, UB Poker, and Absolute Poker -and frequenters of these sites will definitely tell you the same. Furthermore, players will also be pleasantly surprised to find that these poker rooms make many of the BestPokerRooms.com ‘Best Poker Rooms” lists. This gives players the opportunity to compare online poker rooms in a number of different categories that are important to them. So you could start with the Best Online Poker Room for US Players, and then move on to the Fishiest Online Poker Rooms to see which sites make both lists.

For instance, not only will you find Sportsbook Poker leading the pack as the Fishiest Poker Room, but the site also ranks highly for Best Credit Card Poker Rooms, Best US Poker Rooms, and Best Real Money Poker Rooms. So, if you are a US player looking for a fishy poker room that accepts credit cards Sportsbook Poker would be a good match for you.

BestPokerRooms.com is striving to be a full-feature poker portal, and the site has added a detailed poker room review section, as well as recently hiring an experienced staff of writers to produce poker news content for the site on a daily basis. This news will not only be fun and entertaining, but will also keep all of the BestPokerRooms.com users abreast of the latest news from the online poker industry.

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