EINNEWS, November 22—Caviar’s always been expensive. Soon, you may not be able to have it at any price.

In an effort to save the precious seafood from total extinction, the five nations that border the Caspian Sea, where 90 percent of all caviar producing sturgeon live, have agreed in principle to ban all sturgeon fishing for five years.

The action came during a meeting of Caspian Sea leaders in Baku, Azerbaijan. They were spurred to action by a report that Iran’s caviar reserves would be totally exhausted in 12 years if sturgeon fishing were to continue at its current level.

Russia and Iran have restricted sturgeon fishing, but because of the value of the product, fishing has remained relatively uncontrolled from other Caspian ports. Also, gas and oil exploration in the Caspian Sea is threatening sturgeon stocks.

The five Caspian Sea nations are Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran.

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