With expertise in plastic injection molding, First American Plastic shares design advice on product moldability.

SOUTH BELOIT, ILL – Drawing from its long-established expertise in plastics and plastic injection molding, First American Plastic Enterprise hopes to share tips and strategies with customers seeking plastic manufacturing advice. The company offers the expertise of a core team to help customers improve product moldability.

“Designing high-quality, moldable plastic for the use in manufacturing takes a lot of skill and expertise. At First American Plastic, we have both,” said Steve Erickson, a vice president at First American Plastic Molding Enterprise. “We can provide valuable insight, beginning at the first stages of design. With our help, customers can effectively map out a viable and highly effective manufacturing strategy.”

The First American Plastic team offers suggestions, such as alternative raw materials to reduce manufacturing costs. The company also helps customers increase product performance.

As one of the top custom injection molding companies, First American Plastic is interested in assisting others who might otherwise have difficulties, Erickson said. The company’s advisory team learns about a customer’s specific needs while fielding even the most difficult questions.

Once a goal is determined, First American can help its customers outline a viable strategy and schedule.

“The First American Plastic team offers an array of products and services intended to help the plastics industry thrive in the United States,” Erickson said. “If we can share what we know and help others create innovative, useful products, all the better. Our customers can count on receiving top-quality advice from our dedicated team of plastics experts.”

About First American Plastic Molding Enterprise: First American Plastic Molding Enterprise (http://www.firstamericanplastic.com) is a custom provider of thermoplastic injection molding manufacturing solutions for companies throughout most industries. They operate two facilities in the United States. Its enterprise headquarters in South Beloit, Illinois, is a 39,000 sq. ft. facility located 75 miles northwest of Chicago; its Ocean Springs, Mississippi, facility covers 22,000 sq. ft. and is located near Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

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