Mold Aid, a company that offers mold testing and mold remediation services in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland, supports regulations throughout the indoor air quality industry in Virginia. The company hopes other states follow suit.

GAINESVILLE, VA — Mold Aid, a part of Acquired Home Services, Inc., recently attended a board meeting of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulations in The Commonwealth of Virginia. The meeting highlighted the importance of regulations within the indoor air quality industry.

The proposed regulations will help ensure that property owners receive the best mold remediation services and that companies who offer mold testing and mold removal have the necessary certifications and training.

“As more and more people become aware of the problems that mold can cause, mold inspections have become more common. With that, comes a number of start up companies trying to take advantage of the indoor air quality industry. I’m pleased that Virginia is working on mold regulations and hope that Maryland and Washington DC follow suit. Our clients put their trust in us and we want them to know that we’re not only working to remove mold from their homes, but to make sure the industry as a whole is trustworthy,” said John Taylor, owner of Mold Aid National, Inc. (

The impact of mold and an improper mold remediation can have negative impacts on both a homeowners health and their finances. If mold removal isn’t done properly the first time, a second remediation can be necessary. Mold Aid runs into cases each month where a previously foreclosed home was improperly remediated and the mold then becomes the new homeowner’s problem. Although many banks do require a certified mold clearance, the problem is still happening.

Taylor, of Mold Aid, recommends a simple licensing program to ensure all indoor air quality companies have proper training. Recommended training includes: building inspection and building science training, IICRC certified WRT and AMRT, and IAQA Certified Indoor Environmentalist.

“While regulations are important, I’m concerned that complicated regulations may make mold testing and mold remediation unaffordable to the average homeowners. The indoor air quality business is a very serious industry, but it’s equally important that services are affordable when they’re needed. Most people will own or rent a home with an indoor air quality problem at some point in their lives. Educating consumers and assuring them that they have the means to hire qualified contractors to find and repair moisture and mold issues is a productive step for any state,” said Taylor.

In addition to mold inspections and mold removal, Mold Aid and Acquired Home Services, Inc., performs home inspections, thermal imaging inspection services, air duct cleaning, structural drying and general contracting services.

About Mold Aid:
Mold Aid and Acquired Home Services Inc. is a mold testing, mold remediation and home inspection company serving Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. The company has been in existence for over 10 years and offers mold remediation, general contracting, air duct cleaning, air purifying, structural drying and other services.

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