/EINPresswire.com/ Copenhagen, November 25th, 2010 – SMS PASSCODE(R), the technology leader in two-factor authentication, today announced that Danish Crown, a world leading meat processing firm, has selected SMS PASSCODE for secure remote access to all employees.

There is a long list of companies that have had employee identities compromised on the internet often using phishing or pharming or even more simple threats like key-logger malware. At Danish Crown, a global meat processing company, this threat drove a comprehensive security review within this area including review of alternative methods of protection. This review resulted in the company choosing the SMS PASSCODE solution which has been recognized as a new generation of two-factor authentication solutions based on SMS.

Saves 30%
Briefly explained, SMS PASSCODE first authenticates user ID and password. Once validated, the system creates and sends in real-time a code only valid for that particular user log-in session.

“There are three primary reason for selecting SMS PASSCODE and not a more traditional token approach. First, we save about 30% alone on eliminating hardware purchases as all users today carry a mobile phone. Secondly, the administration burden of our approximately 1.750 users with SMS PASSOCDE is less than that of about 20 traditional token users. Thirdly, it is a very straight forward solution that fully cover our needs” says Soren Sloth, and explains that all employees in Danish Crown has been very positive and receptive to using the solution.

“They think it is brilliant, as they always carry the key to the network in their hand. This has increased the employee efficiency at Danish Crown considerably. It makes it much faster and easier to log on and get to work”

Local presence and support
Even though SMS PASSCODE has a strong international presence, local support has been highly valued. “Of course, we selected this solution based on a combination of features and cost. But the local presence is also important as it is extremely important that our many employees all over the world can gain access anytime needed” says Soren Sloth.

The solution
About 1.750 global users in Danish Crown uses SMS PASSCODE to protect standard access systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft and other VPN- and web based systems. SMS PASSCODE is also integrated with Windows Active Directory making user administration and modifications very easy even for larger groups.

To learn more about SMS PASSCODE visit www.smspasscode.com
Try it live on your own mobile phone at https://demo.smspasscode.com

SMS PASSCODE(R) is the leading technology in two-factor authentication using your mobile phone. To protect against the rise in internet based identity theft hitting both consumers and corporate employees, SMS PASSCODE offers a stronger authentication via the mobile phone SMS service compared to traditional alternatives. SMS PASSCODE(R) installs in minutes and is much easier to implement and administer with the added benefit that users find it an intuitively smart way to gain better protection. The solution offers out-of-the-box protection of the standard login systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and other IPsec and SSL VPN systems as well as websites. Installed at thousands of sites, this is a proven patent pending technology. In the last year, SMS PASSCODE has been awarded to the prestigious Red Herring 100 most interesting tech companies list, a Secure Computing Magazine Top 5 Security Innovator, InfoSecurity Guide Best two-factor authentication, a Citrix Solution of the Year Finalist, White Bull top 30 EMEA companies and most recently a Gazelle 2010 Fast Growth firm.

For more information visit: http://www.smspasscode.com. or contact Lars Barthold Nielsen, phone +45 21 26 81 98, e-mail: [email protected]