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11/23/2010 // West Palm Beach, FL, US // Sandra Quinlan // Sandra Quinlan

Bloomington, IN—The discovery of bedbugs in pair of patient rooms at Bloomington Hospital over the weekend spurred staff members to quarantine the rooms. According to a Nov. 22, 2010 Indy Channel report, hospital authorities seem to believe a patient was accompanied by the bedbugs when he/she responded to the hospital on Saturday.

“Bedbugs are a national issue, so Bloomington is not immune to the fact that they’ve been found in an elementary school and buses have found them… We’re in a college town and, essentially, where people come in and out all day long,” explained Bloomington Hospital spokesperson Amanda Roach.

Reports indicated the infested rooms have been quarantined and are being heated to 140 degrees as a means of attempting to exterminate the bedbugs.

Roach also alleged patients are being visually inspected prior to their release from the hospital, as well as after showers and when they are in clean hospital gowns.

As another safety precaution, the hospital is taking the initiative to heat patients’ possessions, just in case bedbugs managed to catch a ride into the medical center via the patient’s clothing, bags or other belongings.

“Our environmental services staff and an exterminator have been working with us… on those two rooms in particular to keep them up to the correct temperature,” Roach added.

Bedbugs have plagued homes, hotel rooms, office buildings, universities, hospitals and countless other areas around the country.

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