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U.S. – A new study suggests sunshine exposure on the weekends may help provide some protection from skin cancer. As reported by The Telegraph, researchers found that although excessive sun exposure is linked to the development of melanomas, exposure on the weekends in doses of up to five hours daily may have protective qualities.

Professor Newton Bishop is quoted in the report as stating of the findings of her and her colleagues, “The relationship between the amount of sun we are exposed to and the risk of melanoma is complicated – we have known for a long time that melanomas are something to do with sun exposure and fair skin.”

“Our paper suggests that moderate regular sun exposure may actually reduce the risk. We are talking about quite high levels of sun exposure for the protective effect with an average of four to five hours a day at weekends… It appears that in moderation, sun exposure can be protective, but it is when you have extreme sun exposure that it becomes a problem. So in the UK sunburn is a potent risk factor because we have a habit of not getting much sun at home and then suddenly exposing our skin when we go abroad.”

More information about the study may be available in the European Journal of Cancer.

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