CallAll to donate funds to The United Way for every call received.

Boston, MA – December 31, 2010 — CallAll LLC introduces the New Year’s Resolution line. This free New Year’s Resolution message service was created to allow people over 18 to state their resolve to make themselves better in 2011. At the same time, this line benefits those less fortunate by allowing CallAll to donate funds to the United Way.

Starting December 31th, adults can call in with their resolutions. People over 18 years old are invited to call and listen to these messages for inspiration or just for fun, and then if they choose, leave their own resolution messages and wishes for the new year. For every minute of calls generated on the CallAll New Year’s Resolution line, CallAll will donate funds to the United Way.

“Creating this line was driven by my own desire to follow through with my resolutions. If I stated my resolution publically, maybe I’d be more likely to follow through on them. This resolution line also allows benefits those less fortune with the donations to the United Way. So even if callers don’t follow through on their resolutions, at least they know they are giving back a little in the process”, said Dan Murray of CallAll LLC.

Murray went on to say: “Some people think they don’t need to make resolutions. They always show up to meetings on time, they recycle every water bottle, and they never escape into their smart phone while in the company of boring people. To those people I say, why not call anyway to listen to others resolutions; It might inspire you to be even more perfect”.

All the public messages on the New Year’s Resolution line are generally monitored for content, however, this is a service for grownups, and so the content may not be appropriate for those under 18 years old.

This service is free to call (only long distance charges may apply).

People are urged to call the New Year’s Resolution Line, at 218-936-2011. It’s for the self improvement of all, and to aid The United Way.

About CallAll LLC

CallAll LLC, a phone services and application development firm focused on audio conferencing, voice messaging, and tele-social networking services. The management team of CallAll has long been involved in tele-solutions space. Each manager has over 10 years experience in telecom, collaboration services, and product development in conferencing and related technologies. This experience makes them committed to not only providing their customers the highest quality service, but also to developing the most comprehensive and innovative applications. CallAll LLC is headquartered in Boston, MA, with facilities and development locations and in New York, Michigan, Minnesota, California, and Sao Paulo Brazil.”
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