Construction sites can be a hazardous place, follow these New York City Construction Accident Lawyer safety tips to avoid on the job injuries.

Manhattan, NY – All too often construction and demolition workers are injured on the job in what could have been avoidable accidents says New York City Construction Accident Lawyer Jonathan C Reiter. To keep injury free on job sites, both the supervising company and individual employees or contractors must work towards keeping a safe environment. Legally in New York State, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide safe working conditions, proper training, and functional equipment.

New York City Construction Accident Lawyers see on the job injuries from negligence, reckless behavior, falling objects, defective equipment, toxic material exposure, and much more. To maintain a safe working environment, workers should be properly trained to work with chemicals and machinery by the employer. Employees and their employers should regularly check machinery and equipment to insure proper working conditions. Awareness of one’s surroundings will help to eliminate accidents from slip and falls, tripping, and falling objects according to New York City Construction Accident Lawyer JC Reiter. If a safety hazard is noticed it should immediately be reported to an on duty manager so that others do not harm themselves.

On the job construction and demolition injuries can include broken bones, burns, joint or nerve damage, spinal injuries or at times death. New York Construction Accident Lawyer JC Reiter is committed to helping workplace accident victims obtain compensations for their injuries. The New York Construction Accident Law Firm of JC Reiter specializes in on the job injuries from the construction industry and over their 30 plus years of practice in New York City the law firm has secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for their clients.

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