Discount Printing Company,, explains the top five mistakes made in postcard printing.

Riviera Beach, FL – Print Pelican, a leading online discount printing company who specializes in quality postcard printing, reminds marketers not to overlook just how beneficial postcard printing can be to a company’s 2011 marketing efforts. Postcard printing is one of the least expensive forms of written mail and advertising in general. Not only are postcards a powerful marketing tool, but as long as a postcard is designed the right way it can generate a high level of response from readers. There are five main mistakes that companies make when postcard printing. Learn the pitfalls to avoid and enjoy a successful postcard printing campaign in the New Year.

Mistake #1: Lack of Repetition
A single mailing of a postcard is not going to leave a mark on the receiver. However, consistent and regular mailings of postcards will start to ingrain the company name into the receiver’s mind. The person will start to become more familiar with the company and credibility will begin to be established.

Mistake #2: Sending a Postcard that isn’t Personable
It is important for postcard printing to not only look clean, crisp and professional, but it should also look inviting. A pleasant message will elicit an emotional reaction from the reader and cause them to associate a company with good feelings. If a postcard is rigid, ordinary or cold, it will be less likely to even be read. An friendly and brief personal message will generate the most replies.

Mistake #3: Using Postcards as a Sales Pitch
A sender should not try to land a sale directly from a postcard printing campaign. This is due to the fact that there is not enough space on a postcard to include all the details and information needed to effectively sell a product or service. A postcard should function as an attention grabbing introduction of a business or product. Postcard printing can include coupons or discounts to draw the audience in even further.

Mistake #4: Failure to Proofread
It is absolutely dire that a postcard has no spelling, punctuation or typographical errors before it is sent out. These types of mistakes reflect poorly on the person or company who sends it. A postcard with numerous mistakes makes a company look sloppy and careless. At Print Pelican, we proofread all postcard printing projects and provide digital proof for final verification before the actual printing begins.

Mistake #5: Not Keeping the Message Simple
Postcards should be short, sweet, simple and to the point. Postcard printing that is heavy on words and jargon are an eyesore and are less likely to be read by the receiver. Well-chosen, plain language and the use of bullet points is the most effective way to grasp the attention of the reader. Keep the basics on the postcard to ensure that it will be read.

These five common postcard printing mistakes were brought to you by, the leaders in online discount printing. As postcard printing specialists, Print Pelican can help make any company’s postcard printing efforts a homerun. Contact Print Pelican by calling 1-800-474-0461 and ask to speak to an expert in postcard printing or visit today.