/EINPresswire.com/ Beadz is no newcomer to the music scene in Chicago. His latest song “Super Bad”,which is currently on both iTunes and Amazon.com ,remains the hottest song in the streets and in the clubs being played by the DJs throughout urban and suburban Chicago. He came out of obscurity in 2008 with his local and national street anthem “DBoy”. Beadz follow up hot singles “Shawty Gon Go” and “South Side Party” gave this talented artist the push he needed to secure his spot as an artist to be reckoned with in the tough Chicago entertainment market. Beadz latest song “Super Bad” as well as more recent tracks “Celebrate ” and “Wild Out” featuring Bo Deal , Chicago native as well as Atlanta’s superstar currently , Wacka Flocka are recieving either commercial and or internet radio spins as well as them being played throughout the night Clubs in Chicago. Beadz is confident that he can carry his city on his back and revive the music legends who once roamed Chicago’s entertaiment scene.


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