Chicago, IL – January 3, 2011 — “Yeah, it’s on, now, ‘Heat Wars’ has officially started!”
A Floridian’s Internet Blog declares, in response to a hot campaign and You Tube Video,
LetsBeatTheHeat, roasting ‘Miami’s Big 3’, put out by some wacky Chicago Bulls fans.

Another FL area blogger retorted,
“Blow up? This campaign needs to just blow away in Chi town’s cold wind!”

A third blogged
“Were any toy animals hurt in the making of this v-o, I know I was, lol!”

Here’s the background. Warren Avery, of Avery Marketing and Design, developed a full marketing campaign with songs, cheers, ring tones and merchandise (Let’s Beat the all in fun (with stuffed animals) scorching Labron and the Miami Heat.

Thus, Avery says that, last week, he directed his P/R people to send out the ‘Beat the Heat’ press release to all regions but the Florida area, thinking that they wouldn’t get enough support there, but in an ironic twist and miss up, that’s the only area it hit. Still, he says that he didn’t expect that Miami would be so sensitive and hot – all over a fun, light roast – full of toys!

Yet, it was a South Florida news-zine,, that initially interviewed Avery and ran an informative and balanced story, which was quickly picked up and is netting the Heat video counter thousands of hits a day.

But perhaps, summed it up best “lots of people are tired of the Miami Heat… but it takes a real fan to make something out of their anger, especially when that something is a ridiculous video involving stuffed animals and a chorus imploring The Bulls / Teams to “beat the Heat”. And it’s imperative that you watch every second of this video…”

So, come see for yourself, what all the fuss is about, because, this Video and Campaign leaves no fan on the sideline or without opinion. But remember it’s all in fun and jest. And as the marketeers say, their primary objective is to provide fans a constructive outlet to share and (for some) to vent their feelings of frustration or even betrayal. To this end they present on their web – a Blog, called ‘Shout Out Spot’, to facilitate sharing the love.


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