Online trading and investment resource has successfully beaten World Spreads’ Ten-In-A-Row Challenge, locking in ten consecutive successful spread betting trades to win a share of £100,000 in a bid to demonstrate the possibilities when applying trading knowledge.

Leading online trading resource has beaten the World Spreads Ten-In-A-Row Challenge, successfully picking ten consecutive winning trades to win a share of £100,000.

One of 185 spread betting accounts worldwide to manage the feat, applied knowledge and an understanding of trading strategy to conquer one of the toughest promotional challenges ever to be offered by World Spreads, and to come out ahead of the many tens of thousands of other traders participating in the programme.

With successful bets on markets ranging from UK Daily Rolling Daily through to EURUSD Rolling Spot, placed 14 trades in total, of which a consecutive 10 were successful, demonstrating the possibilities for picking consistent, profitable trades with spread betting.

Sergey Trishchev, who took the challenge, suggested that by implementing basic techniques in financial spread betting and adhering to the general principles of successful trading, it was possible for anyone to make it as a spread trader.

“Spread betting has been one of the largest growth areas of the trading industry in recent years, but its reputation as a high-risk, difficult investment vehicle to crack has often proceeded in influencing many traders to concentrate on alternative styles of investment.”

“At, we feel spread betting is viewed unfairly by the traditionalists, and set out to tackle the World Spreads Ten-In-A-Row challenge head-on to prove that with the right approach and knowledge of the techniques and strategies successful spread bettors use, anyone can see a return on their trading capital.”

“We’re honoured to be amongst a select group of traders who have managed to successfully complete the Ten-In-A-Row challenge, and feel our success is testament to the value of a rounded understanding of how spread betting works, and proof enough that anyone with the right mindset can profit from spread betting.”

Offering a wealth of trading resources for beginners and more advanced traders alike, coupled with extensive spread betting comparisons of the web’s leading brokers, is committed to providing traders of all stages with expert trading advice and know-how. is wholly independent, and not affiliated with World Spreads in any way. Using simple spread betting principles and a disciplined, strategic approach to trading, aim to inspire would-be traders with their success.

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