Mission critical communication agencies and industry partners to benefit from turnkey integration of critical voice and IT solutions.

Vero Beach, FL – January 5, 2011 — Communications International, Inc., (“CII”) today announced the acquisition of FATPOT Technologies LLC (“FATPOT”), a leading provider of information sharing and mobility solutions. FATPOT’s solutions include a powerful suite of sophisticated Information Technology aggregation tools that fuse disparate software to providing instant communication, immediate information and full mobility to First Responders.

With the addition of FATPOT, CII will offer turnkey IT solutions that encompass wireless and data communications across multiple technologies, regardless of frequency band, manufacturer brand, software version or network type.

“This acquisition enables CII to fulfill its vision of delivering integrated solutions to our clients and partners to achieve effective communications by fusing voice and IT systems in ways not previously possible,” said Mark Feurer, President of CII.

CII and FATPOT will consult and work with agencies in the Public Safety, Federal, Transit and Utility sectors to improve response times, better manage their available resources and save lives without the need to make a large capital outlay.

Jonathan K. Wesley, Sr. CTO and Founder of FATPOT, said “First Responders across North America depend on numerous types of technologies; many of which are not directly compatible. We are excited to join forces with CII and have a common vision of integrated critical communications to better meet the needs of our clients and industry partners. While our current business relationships will continue to grow, we look forward to extending our technology into a vast array of new markets and software solutions.”


FATPOT Technologies LLC (“FATPOT”) is committed to delivering solutions that bring instant interoperability, total mobility and superior performance to the world across all barriers. FATPOT pioneers groundbreaking technology that is in widespread service with Public Safety and Homeland Security clients, including the first statewide interoperable network, connecting over 130 Utah State agencies’ own disparate RMS, CAD, GPS and other systems. Additional information about FATPOT can be found at www.fatpot.com.

About CII

Communications International, Inc. (“CII”) is a mission critical systems integrator with expertise in wireless voice, data and networking technology. An employee-owned company with 10 locations and 150 employees, including engineers, technicians, project managers and subject matters experts, CII supports operations and projects across the U.S. and abroad. Additional information about CII can be found at www.ask4cii.com.

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