Leading online investment site IndependentInvestor.co.uk has suggested that trading education will be the key to becoming successful at spread betting in 2011, as increased volatility and market uncertainty factor in to the risks of leveraged trading and require a more reasoned, consistent approach.

Online trading resource and broker comparison site IndependentInvestor.co.uk has called for a greater emphasis on trading education and knowledge for success in 2011, citing ongoing market uncertainty as a key risk factor for spread bettors without the right strategies at their disposal.

With the high volatility of spread betting as a trading style, IndependentInvestor.co.uk has urged traders considering taking their first flourish into spread betting to read and research the techniques and strategies freely available online, in order to help guard against the risks while maximizing their returns through good spread betting practice.

Amongst an environment of global economic uncertainty, spread betting can be a risky strategy, particularly for inexperienced spread bettors and it is asserted that only with the proper education and research to deal with these difficult markets can traders hope to become successful over the coming year.

A spokesperson for Independent Investor suggested that by becoming more knowledgeable about the basics of financial spread betting, and by learning the widely implemented trading strategies that successful investors use, traders will be better equipped to capitalize on market opportunities.

“The global economic crisis of the last few years is still very much with us, and while markets have somewhat recovered they remain uncertain in a number of key areas. While this poses great opportunities for spread betting, it also creates an environment of more significant risk, with markets capable of turning at any time. And with the highly-exposed nature of spread betting, these risks are multiplied many times over.”

“For the shrewd trader, there is a solution to dealing with these turbulent conditions, namely knowledge. Knowing how to respond in certain situations, and how to implement trading strategies on a consistent basis is one of the central factors to becoming an adaptable and ultimately successful trader, and at IndependentInvestor.co.uk it is our sole focus to equip traders with the knowledge and information they need to do well.”

IndependentInvestor.co.uk is a standalone resource, providing impartial advice for traders looking to succeed with spread betting. With in-depth broker comparisons and tips on strategy and trading technique, IndependentInvestor.co.uk is one of the web’s most comprehensive trading resources.

IndependentInvestor.co.uk is one of the leading authorities in online trading, helping to educate traders in the tried and tested techniques and strategies for succeeding on the world markets. From strategies for spread betting through to tips and techniques on executing shrewd share deals, IndependentInvestor.co.uk has compiled volumes of informative guides, covering everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

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