A Single Voice Interface for the Connected Consumer

LAS VEGAS, NV – Jan 5, 2011 — VoiceBox(R) Technologies Inc., the award winning innovator of Conversational Voice today announced that its unique technology can now be accessed ‘in the cloud’. This allows all connected devices to access truly conversational voice services. “While voice has now gained acceptance from consumers as an important part of the device interface, it is clear that people want more than what’s being delivered to the market,” said Mike Kennewick, VoiceBox’s CEO.

VoiceBox is based on patented technology that determines context and intent from free form speech to dynamically satisfy voice commands. Conversational Voice allows applications to go beyond the current model of individual, stand-alone voice commands to capabilities like follow-up questions and the ability to manage multiple topics. Such features create less of a single command/query experience and more of an exploratory, conversational experience with information and content.

“Imagine being able to say, When’s the next flight to Paris? What’s the weather there? And what’s 23 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit? Oh, read me the details of the United flight…This is what Conversational Voice is all about,” said Kennewick, “And our partners’ independent research shows that consumers overwhelmingly prefer it to the traditional voice experience currently in the market!” VoiceBox’s underlying patented technology also permits extensive personalization, which creates a further opportunity for VoiceBox partners to innovate and differentiate in a quickly moving market.

Devices, including the car, are becoming increasingly connected to the internet. This allows them to leverage VoiceBox in ways that were previously difficult. And VoiceBox’s hybrid embedded and server architecture allows the application experience to follow the consumer across their devices for a continuous, connected experience. For example, you can find navigation directions using VoiceBox on your phone and have that experience continue when you get into your car; listen to music on your phone through the car speakers and continue listening when you leave the car.

Customers like Toyota Motor Sales, Pioneer, Magellan and iPhone applications have already begun to use VoiceBox Technologies. The Company will announce new partnerships at this year’s International CES in Las Vegas. “We’re proud of our growing list of customers and are excited to work with them in 2011 to build the kind of compelling conversational voice applications people say they want,” said Kennewick.

About VoiceBox Technologies

VoiceBox provides Conversational Voice technology that lets people find content and services as well as control their devices using everyday speech. Patented, award-winning innovations provide a uniquely flexible, conversational user experience. Its hybrid embedded-server architecture allows VoiceBox to serve customers across the automotive, mobile device and home electronics markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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