Solution to Driver Distraction Dilemma

LAS VEGAS, NV – Jan 5, 2011 — VoiceBox(R) Technologies Inc., the award winning innovator of Conversational Voice technology today announced its DriveSafe Voice Services as a solution to the distracted driver problem.

In-car cell phone usage is getting increasing scrutiny. Numerous studies have found texting while driving is about 6-8 times more likely to result in an accident than driving while intoxicated. Such statistics prompted Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood to hold a Summit on Distracted Driving in June. But at that event, LaHood himself acknowledged the limitation of aggressive laws’ ability to change people’s behavior.

“The Distracted Driver Dilemma is clear: We all want to access information while driving even though we know it’s unsafe,” said Mike Kennewick, VoiceBox’s CEO, “Technology caused the problem and our DriveSafe Voice Services is the technology that solves it.”

A VoiceBox DriveSafe application interface changes based on the situation, optimizing the use of voice and graphics as appropriate. If driving, for example, you can use your voice to get what you want and the results will be spoken out, so there’s no need to look at or interact with a screen. Other functions can automatically turn off while driving. The benefits of DriveSafe are particularly powerful in VoiceBox based applications that include integration between the cell phone and in-car screen. Several innovative partners, such as TGT, will be demonstrating these capabilities at CES 2011 with its own connectivity solution.

Not only safer than other mobile and in-car applications, VoiceBox DriveSafe is more useable and compelling, thanks to the Company’s patented Conversational Voice technology. This allows applications to go beyond the current model of individual, stand-alone voice commands, with capabilities like follow-up questions and the ability to manage multiple topics. VoiceBox’s underlying technology also permits extensive personalization, which it creates a new opportunity for VoiceBox partners to innovate and differentiate in a quickly moving market.

“We’re proud of being able to provide leadership around safety concerns while at the same time continuing to improve usability. It’s the VoiceBox difference,” said Kennewick.

About VoiceBox Technologies

VoiceBox provides Conversational Voice technology that lets people find content and services as well as control their devices using everyday speech. Patented, award-winning innovations provide a uniquely flexible, conversational user experience. Its hybrid embedded-server architecture allows VoiceBox to serve customers across the automotive, mobile device and home electronics markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia.


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