The decision of the City of Chicago Elections Board is being appealed in the Circuit Court, and the fate of current 27th Ward Alderman, Walter Burnett Jr. remains in question.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Walter Burnett, Jr.’s chance of remaining on the City of Chicago election ballot remains in question. According to James Nally, the attorney representing the objectors, an appeal of Judge Barbara Goodman’s decision is being filed with the Circuit Courts on Friday.

Certified records of the Circuit Court of Cook County case nos. 04 M1 606826 show the entry of a judgment in 2004 against a Chicago Land Trust, a trust in which Walter Burnett was a beneficiary. Records show Burnett made an appearance in the case, and was granted leave by the Court to vacate the judgment. The judgment was never vacated by Burnett.

The objection filed refers to a recent Illinois Supreme Court case, Cinkus vs. Village of Stickney, which held that candidates are ineligible to be on the ballot for local office if the candidate owes taxes or other debt due to the City in which they seek office. Several candidates have been removed from the ballot for unpaid parking tickets and administrative fines including 27th Ward Candidate Victor Rowans.

During the hearing Burnett had various witnesses, including City officials, testify that the judgment was entered in error against a property he did not own. Though she noted she could not consider that evidence because it was beyond her authority to review the orders of another Court, Judge Barbara Goodman gave her recommendation that Alderman Burnett’s nominating papers be deemed valid since Burnett was not aware of the debt and the City did not properly inform him. The objection being filed with the Circuit Court urges the Election Board to decline Judge Goodman’s recommendation and to remove Alderman Burnett from the Feb. 22 ballot.

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