Belmont, CA, – General Research of Electronics at the 2011 International Consumer Electronic Show, intro’s a radio scanner that is extremely easy to use. Consumers will now be able to experience and purchase the GRE line of scanners at their local retail stores.

GRE America introduces a number of firsts in radio scanners with the new GRECOM Digital EZ Scan scanner.

This scanner:
1) Uses patented technology to permit programming by simply selecting what you want to hear, no need to be a radio system expert
2) Works in areas supported by the vast majority of APCO P25 digital as well as analog and conventional public service radio systems.
3) It allows the user to listen to desired communications without PC or internet programming because everything is already in the scanner. The Digital EZ Scan scanner includes a 2GB SD card with the entire US database of trunked systems and popular conventional frequencies so customers can monitor popular local police/fire and emergency frequencies right out of the box.
4) This Radio scanning receiver comes ready to program by the consumer for any USA/Canada location. No longer must users become radio system experts to enjoy the scanning hobby. And this scanning receiver can be updated with the latest database at any time by a simple PC connection.

In the past, scanning your local police, fire and emergency services required that you know the radio band used, radio system type and required an understanding of the programming protocol and programming method for your scanner. To further complicate things, programming methods varied not only between scanner brands, but sometimes even within a brand. Every scanner hobbyist had to become an expert to program his scanner.

With introduction of the Digital EZ Scan scanning receiver, programming is as simple as selecting your state and county from lists, viewing the available services, checking boxes for the services you want to monitor and saving to a scanlist. Wayne Wilson, Executive VP for GRE says, “It is very much like programming an MP3 player, that is, if you could buy an MP3 player with every song already loaded. Our new scanner also permits you to enter any favorite frequencies that are not already in the database. Radio scanning has never been so easy!”

About GRE:
Established in 1961, GRE Inc. designs, manufactures and markets the GRECOM line of analog and digital scanning receivers. Additionally, GRE is the world’s #1 largest private label Original Equipment / Original Design Manufacturer of radio scanners. GRE also produces industrial and consumer communication and electronic products for a many of the world’s leading electronic companies and governments.

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Wayne Wilson
[email protected]

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