Madison Healthcare Insurance Services, a company that offers hospital professional liability insurance and RAC audit insurance, announces it has translated its website into 59 different languages.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — Madison Healthcare Insurance Services, a California based insurance brokerage that offers policies in hospital professional liability insurance and physicians regulatory insurance, announces it has translated its website into 59 different languages.

Physicians, hospital administrators and anyone else looking for medical malpractice, provider stop loss, cyber liability, workers compensation, property and casualty and other insurance benefits can simply go to Madison Healthcare Insurance Services website and select the preferred language from a drop down menu. Available languages include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and more.

“The medical community is becoming more and more diverse every day. Many doctors are coming to the United States to practice medicine from around the world and we’re aware that these professionals may wish to find insurance information in their native tongue. We want to make it easy for them to find an insurance policy that meets their specific needs. Whether someone is looking for medical malpractice insurance, workers compensation insurance or RAC audit insurance in English, Spanish or Hindi, they can find all the information they need on our site,” said Kathryn A. Bowen, executive vice president of Madison Healthcare Insurance Services (

The employees at Madison Healthcare Insurance Services are specially trained to uncover specific client needs and understand that a doctor practicing alone has completely different insurance needs than a managed care organization or a medical spa. Every quote provided by Madison Healthcare Insurance Services is prepared according the individual information provided by the healthcare organization.

Getting a personalized quote for insurance is as easy as filling out Madison Healthcare Insurance Services’ simple online quote form. To start, website users only need to select the type of insurance they’re looking for. Users can select from the following categories: Individual physicians, medical groups, medical spas, surgical centers, urgent care centers, home health agencies, health maintenance organizations and more.

“Because we focus entirely on insurance for the medical community, we know how to find the right policy. Whether you’ve just graduated from medical school or if you’ve been practicing medicine for a while, we invite you to give us a call or fill out our simple online quote system. Our employees serve as problem solvers and we’re skillful negotiators who can help create a plan that will minimize risk and position you for success now and in the future. Whatever your needs, we’re sure we can help and we look forward to hearing from you,” said Bowen.

About Madison Healthcare Insurance Services Inc: Madison Healthcare Insurance Services is a full-service insurance brokerage that specializes in medical malpractice insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, property and casualty insurance, hospital professional liability insurance, RAC audit insurance and more. The company’s user-friendly online quote system allows medical professionals to search for insurance quotes quickly and easily.

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