Online spread betting resource has forecast strong growth in the spread betting sector over the next twelve months, as a result of the increasingly high profile of spread betting as a financial trading style and the impact of changes to the UK tax system on successful traders.

According to predictions, spread betting looks set to enjoy continued support from the financial media, as it remains a hot topic in trading circles, which could lead to a continued rise in the number of new spread betting accounts setting up with the world’s leading brokers.

And with Capital Gains Tax having risen to 28% in 2010 for higher rate tax payers, the incentives to trade with a more tax-efficient, highly leveraged trading style like spread betting are ever-greater, allowing traders to protect their margins and invest more of their trading income than possible with other investment types.

Phil Evans, a spokesperson for, believes that the combination of ongoing media coverage and broker marketing alongside continuing favourable tax treatment will render 2011 another successful growth year for the spread betting industry.

“The spread betting sector is one of the fastest growing areas of financial trading, thanks in no small part to the enhanced media coverage it has seen over the last year. With investors of all sizes beginning to appreciate the benefits of spread betting as a serious trading medium, and the ongoing hype surrounding spread betting amongst the trading community, it seems like a foregone conclusion to suggest that spread betting will continue to grow over the coming twelve months.”

“But aside from its ever-increasing profile, financial spread betting also benefits from a quirk in UK tax laws which make it a highly efficient way to trade. Contrasted with share dealing, which attracts stamp duty and Capital Gains Tax liability for UK-based traders, spread betting is completely tax-free. And with no moves from HMRC to address the legal technicality on which tax-free spread betting is founded, this looks as if it will continue to incentivise participation in the spread betting market for traders in 2011.” provide a wealth of trading information, tips and strategy, all free of charge, to provide traders with the knowledge and understanding required to trade in a consistently successful fashion.

With no ties to a particular financial spread betting broker, is a truly independent resource, aimed at encouraging traders to get involved by providing the simple tools and know-how necessary to make a success of their online trading. is a comprehensive financial spread betting and CFD trading resource, specializing in delivering expert advice and know-how to traders free of charge. With step-by-step resources guiding traders through everything they need to know about successfully investing online, is an essential tool for those looking for a successful and consistent trading career.

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