/EINPresswire.com/ Atlanta, Georgia (Jan 11, 2011) — Nigeria, due to its population of approximately 144 million, represents 14% of people with HIV/AIDS in the sub-Saharan African Region.

Alliance Bio-Medical, Atlanta GA USA announces a call for healthcare distributors/agents for its breakthrough HIV Urine Detection Kit in Nigeria. Using Alliance Bio-Medical’s Breakthrough Rapid HIV (1&2) Urine Test kits, participants can learn their HIV status in 1 minute or less. In addition people that test positive can be immediately linked to follow-up care through Alliance Bio-Medical’s Know Your Status Right Now (KYSRN!) partners. The revolutionary Alliance Bio-Medical Rapid HIV (1&2) Urine Detection Test offers a more convenient option of testing for HIV.

The Alliance Bio-Medical Rapid HIV Urine test offers particular advantages: It is extremely easy to use and requires only one drop of urine for testing. Due to the urine sample type used for the test, the test avoids needle prick injuries required for blood tests or the use of syringes and needles for blood draws. It offers convenience for any-one to test themselves or others privately, any time and any where with accuracy of 99%. The results of the test can be obtained extremely quickly. Usually in about a minute or less people can know their HIV Status.

The Alliance Bio-Medical Rapid HIV (1&2) Urine Detection Test has been extensively tested by leading research organizations in Nigeria such as the Nigerian Medical Research Institute. It is approved by the Nigeria Regulatory Agency -NAFDAC. In addition it is used by Shell Oil, Nigeria for its health programs.

Alliance Bio-Medical plans to host a series of Know Your Status Right Now (KYSRN!) events targeted at young adults and the general public in collaboration with Government Agencies, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Celebrities and other entities. Most recently a KYSRN! workshop in collaboration with the Lagos State AIDSS Control Agency was held with FREE HIV testing was provided to the general public using the Alliance Bio-Medical Rapid HIV (1&2) Urine Detection tests. Other KYSRN events planned for 2011 in Nigeria.

According to its Senior Executive Ms Zizi Joseph-Imatorbhebhe, “Creating effective partnerships with key organizations and professions especially Pharmacists, Medical Professionals is a key to reducing the incidence of HIV in Nigeria”.

For more information about becoming an Agent or Distributor, request a Distributor/Agent Application Attn: Distributor Administrator Ms Gloria Canales at [email protected]
or call 1-888-246-7101 (USA) or in Nigeria send text with email address to 0816 456 7516.
To inquire about bringing a KYSRN Workshop/Event to your community contact Linda Williams at [email protected]

Visit http://www.alliancebiomed.com or http://www.hivurine.com for more information.

(For more information or to set up an interview with our Senior Executives, contact Linda Williams at
1-888-246-7101 (US Toll Free)
email [email protected]