Luigi Petruzziello, attorney and owner of Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello, recently announced the promotion of Donna Donnellan to the position of senior office manager, where she will work closely with clients on non-legal matters.

ROSLINDALE, MA — Luigi Petruzziello, attorney and owner of the Roslindale law firm of Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello, recently announced the promotion of Donna Donnellan, a long time employee of the firm, to the position of senior office manager. She will be the firm’s key contact person for all non-legal matters and can answer many questions regarding scheduling, initial consultations, and what to expect when using the services of Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello.

“Donna Donnellan has been with Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello for over ten years. In that time, she’s proven to be a valuable asset to our firm. Donna is often the first contact person for our clients, and she handles issues as diverse as billing and scheduling to preparation of legal documents with efficiency and professionalism. She’s particularly skilled in assisting the attorneys at Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello with any work concerning real estate law and auto accidents,” said Luigi Petruzziello of Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello (

Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello is staffed with experienced attorneys specializing in several areas of law, including commercial and residential real estate, bankruptcy, auto accidents, business law, and tax preparation. Luigi Petruzziello is the principal owner and senior attorney at the law firm, which prides itself on providing personalized legal assistance to each client.

Luigi Petruzziello and Donna Donnellan work closely together with each other and the firm’s attorneys to ensure clear communication at all times between attorneys and their clients. Luigi Petruzziello is a member in good standing of the Massachusetts Bar and has over twenty years experience in the practice of law. Among his specialties are commercial and residential real estate law, income tax preparation, and auto accident cases.

“Donna has family ties in the Roslindale community and is originally from this area. She has a strong attachment to the community and shows her compassion and understanding to our clients every day. We’re proud to promote her to the position of senior office manager, where she’ll certainly be a valuable resource for all of us. We anticipate that our office and our clients will benefit greatly from her years of expertise with the firm. We pride ourselves on providing client driven services that are personalized to the needs of each individual and invite individuals in the area to contact Donna to schedule a consultation or find out more about how our firm can help with any legal issues,” said Luigi Petruzziello.

Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello currently handles cases in Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol and Worcester counties.

About Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello:
Pofcher, DiSciullo & Petruzziello ( is a law firm based in Roslindale Village, Massachusetts. Owner, Luigi Petruzziello and the rest of the firm has been serving the community for over fifty years. Specialties include real estate law, income tax preparation and auto accidents. The firm enjoys working closely with their clients, putting client needs first at all times.

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