The Next Idea, the US’s most innovative hospitality consulting group, reports on catering to the new consumer mindset: empowerment, alternatives, and a search for balance.

For 2011, the prevailing message reflects a melding of increased consumer intelligence, expanded empowerment and alternatives, and a demand for a balance between cost and quality. Amidst a mood of cautious optimism, The Next Idea releases its annual report on global hospitality trends.

Los Angeles, CA–January 12, 2011–

The Next Idea (TNI) is an international restaurant and hospitality consulting group based in Los Angeles, with offices in the UK, India, (and shortly the United Arab Emirates), who works across the world, specializing in concept creation and development–everything from strategy, brand and product development, to design, execution and communication.

TNI focuses their expertise on food, food service operations, restaurants, cafes, leisure, and entertainment.

They differentiate themselves from competitors by always beginning with the end. The customer experience, the employee training experience, and the brand experience are given the utmost priority when approaching a project.

TNI’s unique experience provides rare expertise for their clients, given their ability to recreate the advanced food and restaurant concepts presently found around the globe. They offer the knowledge, experience, and ability to take account of regional considerations such as local demographics, culture, and tastes, which are invaluable when developing uniquely differentiated concepts adopted for integrated markets.

Presently, The Next Idea has concept development projects in the U.S., Dubai and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), Nigeria, China, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and India.

This year’s forecast illustrates the new consumer, forecasted food and eating out trends, and the changing landscape in consumer demand.

Simply put, in a post-recession restaurant marketplace, consumers are increasingly calling the shots.

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