Atlanta, GA ( Many, especially federal employees have been hoping for some time now, that the economy would bounce back by 2011. Indeed, there have been some improvements, due to cutbacks on spending in 2010, but there is still much more room left for improvement. This is evidenced by the latest news that may be affecting federal employees as late as 2012. There is no end in sight for this federal economic downturn; the economy is not just affecting taxpayers, but also those who work for government.

There may be furloughs, otherwise known as unpaid leave, for federal employees in 2012. Under Rep. Mike Coffman’s (R-Colo.) bill, there could be savings of $5.5 billion for the federal government. This however, is disheartening to the employees it is affecting- anywhere from Congressional office employees to executive agency employees, among others.

Many did see this coming eventually, as the furloughs were introduced last year to require them in 2011 Employees who are already victims of this downturn, fear they may even be laid off in attempts to save the very government that they have been serving, just for spending to take place in another arena.