Generations in the workplace is creating frustration for Gen X who are looking to get promoted into the jobs the Baby Boomers are supposed to be leaving. Cheryl Cran’s book provides solutions and answers for generations in the workplace.

Newly released book on generations contains the results of a series of audience response surveys compiled by Cheryl Cran, CEO of Synthesis at Work Inc. The research reveals that Generation X (those in their 30’s up until mid 40’s) are frustrated to hear that Baby Boomers will not be retiring as planned.

Mandatory retirement has been lifted in British Columbia and Ontario as well as a number of States in the US. This means that Baby Boomers that were planning to retire between the ages of 55 and 65 are postponing their retirement plans.

Baby Boomers are delaying retirement because they need to work for financial reasons. With the recent recession many Baby Boomers need to continue to work to recoup their losses. In addition many Boomers still have Gen Y children living at home and they are supplementing the Gen Y lifestyle.

A US Conference board survey in 2009 found that 40% of Generation X surveyed are planning to leave their current employer due to unhappiness and lack of promotion opportunities.

Cheryl Cran the CEO of Synthesis at Work Inc a leadership and generations’ expert and the author of “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” provide strategies for leaders and their teams to keep all of the generations happy at work.
Cran provides 101 strategies to deal with the current generations in the workplace in her book such as project work, Gen X team leads and Baby Boomer ‘contract’ workers.

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