Chensun Mills of CT discusses the impact of Interactive Metronome. The therapy provided by Chensun Mills in CT can help improve focus and concentration in children.

RIVERSIDE, CT — Chensun Mills in CT, explains her experience working with children using Interactive Metronome, a unique form of neuro-motor therapy.

The therapy is a form of rhythm training to enhance neuropathways to the brain in order to help clients reach greater functional gains in a shorter period of time. Interactive Metronome (IM) is used by a number of professionals, including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, music therapists, physical therapists, chiropractic care professionals, educators and more.

Over 15,000 medical rehabilitation, mental health and educational professionals are certified to administer Interactive Metronome therapy. There are fewer than 30 Interactive Metronome practitioners in the area and Chensun Mills in CT is one of a handful of providers in Fairfield County certified in delivering the therapy.

Interactive Metronome challenges patients to synchronize a number of different motor exercises to a specific auditory tone heard through headphones. Patients make an effort to match the beat with repetitive hand and foot actions. U.S. News and World Report named the therapy as one of the ways children with ADHD can overcome their disorder without medication.

“IM can enhance performance in a variety of areas including athletics, academics, focus and concentration, and sequencing. It is widely used amongst professional golfers and football players for example. In addition, it can help children suffering from Sensory Integration Disorder, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. These kids have the ability to learn and retain information and they just need a little help to focus and filter out internal and external distractions. Many of the parents I work with are amazed at the changes in their children; and most of them are now in high school, boarding school, or college and doing extremely well. Even though I have since gone back to the corporate/business world, I do continue to work with a very limited number of children who may not be able to afford the therapy financially. This is one way I can give back to the community,” said Chensun Mills of CT (

On another end of the spectrum, The Autism Perspective highlighted the program as a way to help children with autism.

“Parents have reported that children with autism are more talkative and engaged and that their balance, coordination, processing skills and sleeping patterns are all improved. I’m excited to be a part of this cutting-edge therapy, but it’s not just children with disorders like autism and ADHD that can benefit from Interactive Monotone. A typical child can use IM to help them focus in school and improve their coordination for athletic performance,” said Chensun Mills.

About Chensun Mills:
Chensun Mills in CT is an accomplished professional in business and education. She has helped adults and children throughout her career in senior professional level staffing during the recent challenging economic downturn, teaching and training socio-economically disadvantaged gifted youths, as well as executing key strategic initiatives in process reengineering for a Fortune 500 company. Chensun earned her Masters in Gifted Education from Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. She and her husband and children reside in Riverside, CT.

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