Tom Courtney, a City of Chicago 27th Ward Alderman candidate, has launched his campaign website and information for his ideas for the Ward.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Tom Courtney, an Aldermanic candidate in the upcoming municipal elections on February 22nd, has officially launched his campaign website. The site hosts information for the Ward residents to get to know him and his plans if elected as the Alderman.

The ‘Initiatives’ page lists several different plans on his target list if he takes over the position including free legal services for groundless Administrative Court cases. He plans to use the Alderman expense account to fund this service as well as career services for the residents of the 27th Ward. Courtney is also pushing for cost reimbursement for erroneous tickets given to residents.

“I have a lot of ideas and plans that would benefit the residents of the ward and the city, so I launched this site to get the information out there to the public. Every plan on that site is important, but the plan that I am most excited about is a redevelopment plan in the 27th Ward,” said Tom Courtney (

His idea is to revitalize the Riverfront Industrial Corridor in the 27th Ward through the development of a River Walk Casino and Hotel. More important than that the redevelopment is small business opportunities such as shops, restaurants, cafes and more that could offer more jobs and attract tourism in the 27th Ward.

Courtney added, “Other wards have found success using their real estate along the Chicago River to generate revenue. Whether there is a casino or not, the redevelopment of the Riverfront Industrial Corridor would benefit the City of Chicago as a whole. Using the resources we have available can create new jobs as well as business opportunities for cafes, restaurants, and shopping.”

For more information on Courtney’s River Walk plan and the rest of his initiatives visit

About The Committee For Change:
The Committee for Change is a not-for-profit political action committee committed to representing the best interests of residents in Chicago’s 27th Ward. They are encouraging residents to vote in the upcoming election. They have posted information on the website on how to Vote By Mail today for the election on February 22, 2011.

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