Today’s press release marketing has evolved beyond simple announcements and awareness building. As proof, a new, innovative press release template system helps savvy business owners generate quality business leads while accelerating their online visibility and credibility.

Marc Harty, an Online PR Strategist, doesn’t envy today’s business owners.

According to Harty, any business owner that also wears the marketing hat is in for a real headache. “Business owners are overwhelmed with marketing choices. Stick with the old or try something new? Do it yourself or outsource? Which marketing method performs best—today and tomorrow?”

Well Marc Harty has a consistent answer to those questions. Keep it simple.

While certain business owners may find value in more complicated marketing tactics like Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising and Online Video, those methods share similar implementation concerns. In reality, learning curves and prices that can be equally steep.

All of which could make Online PR a more appropriate alternative. Enter an easy and affordable, do-it-yourself marketing solution like PR Traffic Templates.

As Harty shared, “At two recent speaking events in Los Angeles and Orlando, I taught 650 ‘cut and paste challenged’ beginners how to write and finish a 400 word press release before I left the stage. Since they did it, I know with 100% certainty that business owners surely can.”

In addition to fast online press release creation, what often surprises (and delights) business owners is the ability to reach prospects, customers and influencers directly. Many people still believe (incorrectly) that PR and press releases are only for the media.

In fact, Harty’s press release template system shows step-by-step how to successfully target both customers and the media with pre-written, SEO-friendly and story-driven templates.

Since 2004, Harty’s company, Maintopic Media, has built a sizeable knowledgebase of best practices for Online PR and press release marketing. Many of those best practices are built into the press release templates, examples and the story creation methods that are part of the entire system.

To discover all the Online PR advantages in action, and how to rank higher than the competition, please view this brief video presentation now:

“How To Gain Instant Online Exposure and Leverage – On A Budget”

The video documents how business owners can gain instant online authority and credibility often faster, easier and more economically than ever before. And that’s a welcome achievement in today’s budget-stretched market environment.

For media inquiries, Marc Harty can be reached at 214.528.8300 .

Marc Harty is an Online PR Strategist and creator of the PR Traffic Template System. Marc is CEO of MainTopic Media, Inc., a ROI-driven, marketing consultancy and training company. Harty’s Digital PR training programs like Online PR Made Easy and the PR Traffic Template System offer the largest and most comprehensive Online PR video training library on the web today.

Marc has trained tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of businesses, on how to attract and convert sustainable, targeted, ready-to-buy traffic to their websites. His programs have been sold in over 30 countries and on every continent.” Marc’s career spans 25 years in Strategic Marketing and has generated over $239 million dollars for customers and clients.

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