Track Your Truck offers easy-to-use GPS truck tracking system and software for improved fleet tracking and business management.

LEMONT, ILL. – Track Your Truck, a leading provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions, makes it easy for business owners to better manage their vehicles, employees and company assets with an easy-to-use GPS truck tracking system. Advanced GPS tracking technology is combined with accessible software, certified hardware and convenient customer service, so that Track Your Truck customers can start tracking trucks and improving business right away.

“Our GPS truck tracking solutions are designed and customized to help business owners save time and money, not slow them down,” said Robert Hall, president of Track Your Truck. “Getting started is as easy as giving us a call, customizing a tracking solution for your unique business needs, and receiving the tested, certified and already-activated device and software for immediate use. Once the GPS device is installed, our powerful NetTrack software takes over and effective truck tracking starts improving business right away.”

The GPS truck tracking system from Track Your Truck includes a Vehicle Location Manager that is installed onto the vehicle, transmitting tracking data via cellular or satellite network (or a mix of both) depending on the company vehicles’ main areas of operation. NetTrack is Track Your Truck’s vehicle tracking application, and is included in every tracking system purchase. The software provides an easy-to-use interface with familiar Google mapping and accurate data reporting and alerting.

Track Your Truck vehicle tracking systems are ideal for tracking buses and trucks, service and delivery vehicles, sales vehicles, heavy equipment and trailers, marine barges and river boats, and valuable company assets.

“Knowing your company vehicles’ locations, destinations, arrival times, departure times, idle times, speed, direction heading and more can help efficiently manage a better business,” said Hall. “Truck tracking improves scheduling, employee management and customer service, while helping businesses save time and money. With the price of gas on the rise, truck tracking makes more sense than ever.”

About Track Your Truck: Track Your Truck ( is a privately-held company committed to providing quality GPS vehicle tracking devices and tracking systems that integrate seamlessly with everyday business operations, backed by reliable service and customer support. With more than 10 years of vehicle tracking service, the Track Your Truck staff has the experience and know-how to provide effective tracking solutions for any industry.

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