Elarasys, a leading supplier of quality used IT equipment, sells and buys back used IBM servers to help data centers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

ELGIN, ILL. – Elarasys, a leading provider of pre-owned IT equipment, from hard-to-find IT parts to used servers, storage and networking systems, offers used IBM servers that help data centers save money without sacrificing quality. IT managers and data centers can trust Elarasys’ pre-owned equipment, which is fully tested and inspected by a team of expert technicians and backed by a strong warranty.

“Computers and IT equipment are constantly being upgraded and improved, yet with these new-generation systems also come hefty price tags,” said Tom Hansen, president of Elarasys. “At Elarasys, we are committed to providing data centers with affordable solutions that they can depend on. Our experienced technicians are fully trained to inspect, test and refurbish used servers that improve efficiency while reducing costs.”

With Elarasys, data centers can save 25 to 75 percent off market pricing on used IBM servers. In addition to selling quality pre-owned IT equipment, Elarasys will buy back used IT equipment for fair market value, allowing data centers to trade in their systems for upgrades and reduce their investment even more. For IT managers not ready to buy, they can sell back their old equipment for credit and trade in at a later date.

Other Elarasys services include asset recovery, rentals and leasing, infrastructure consolidation, infrastructure redundancy and maintenance. The Elarasys warehouse stocks virtually any item, and is centrally located just outside Chicago for fast shipping across the globe.

“Elarasys makes it easy for data centers to save money while meeting customers’ growing IT demands,” said Hansen. “In addition to used IBM servers, we offer used HP servers, Brocade storage units, Cisco networking systems and other reliable pre-owned equipment that is built to last.”

ABOUT ELARASYS: Elarasys (http://www.elarasys.com) is a leading supplier of pre-owned computer parts, including quality used IBM servers and storage systems from brands like HP, Cisco, and Sun and Dell. The company provides affordable IT solutions, from equipment acquisition to system consolidation, in addition to used IT equipment that is fully tested, inspected and backed by a solid Elarasys warranty. The Elarasys 30,000 square foot warehouse is centrally located in the Chicago area for fast delivery times worldwide.

Ann Ciezadlo
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