/EINPresswire.com/ For many, New Year’s resolution lists include taking on a new hobby or interest. For those fascinated by American history and tradition, or interested in becoming weekend treasure hunters, a quality hand held metal detector may be just the thing.

New Year’s Day is often a time to take stock and evaluate what’s going well and what’s due for a change. Typical resolutions include losing weight and getting healthy, making career moves, carving out more family time, and taking on a new hobby. For those who decide it’s time to cultivate a new interest, shopping for a hand held metal detector at Jack’s Country Store may be the right way to begin.

Jack’s Country Store, located in Ocean Park, Washington and selling goods since the late 19th century, now sells a large portion of their inventory online. The items carried by this mercantile shop run the gamut: unique food items from the Pacific Northwest, antique and collectible toys, furniture and home décor, tools for home and camping, and more.

“If you’re interested in traditional, early American items—for decorating their home, collecting, and more—you’ll find Jack’s Country Store a diamond in the rough,” states Christy Caruthers, associate at the store.

Hobbyists, collectors and those just getting started will find many items at Jack’s. Those with a little wanderlust, beachcombers looking to see what lies beneath the sand, or those just looking to tool around in their backyard will find that a hand held metal detector can provide hours of enjoyment, and maybe even a payoff. At Jack’s Country Store, customers can browse a number of great metal detectors from top manufacturers, including Fisher metal detectors designed for beginners and pros.

Caruthers points out, “Whether a customer is looking for a certain Garrett metal detector for a specific purpose, or they just want to see what’s available and learn more about the features and functionality of different models and brands, we’re here to help!” Caruthers wants shoppers to know that Jack’s Country Store is as dedicated to old fashioned customer service as it is to selling fine Americana items.

“We’re all about a simpler time and place, where you can talk to shop owners and get real assistance, rather than a salesman looking for their commission,” she says.

Many hand held metal detector models can be purchased tax free or are eligible for free shipping. The details and specifications for all metal detectors can be found at Jack’s Country Store online.

About Jack’s Country Store:

Founded in 1885, and thought to be the oldest continuing business in the state. Jack’s Country Store is a mercantile shop that maintains the traditions of rural America—in both the items they carry and the customer service they extend. Located in Ocean Park, Washington, the store sells unique items, from premium metal detectors and prospecting tools to antique toys, such as the authentic Radio Flyer(R) wagon. Jack’s Country Store inventory lists more than 200,000 items that are stocked on site. But, they are ready to rise to the challenge when a customer is looking for something out of the ordinary. While only a representative portion of the full inventory is featured online. Jack’s Country Store encourages customers to visit the Ocean Park store or contact them via email or phone for more assistance in tracking an item down.

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