San Clemente, CA – ( The Annuity Complaint Desk is online and helping folks who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous annuity salespeople. This website,, was designed by legal and financial professionals to provide self help for people who were abused by financial products salespeople. For the low, one-time, price of $29 people can go on line and download complaint letters to send to regulatory authorities. The also provides a directory of regulators to whom the complaints should be sent.

The annuity complaint desk is not intended to be a substitute to retaining legal counsel. However, the creator of the site provides complaints based on the most common abuses in the Equity Indexed Annuity and Fixed Annuity marketplace. Those abuses include excessive surrender charges, lack of diversification (putting all of one’s assets into a single investment), funding a deferred annuity with the proceeds of a reverse mortgage, and clients left alone after purchasing an annuity product.

Finally, there is a place to turn when you, or a family member, have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous annuity salesperson. Many of these abusive sales practices go unchallenged because attorneys generally don’t take cases when there are not significant funds involved. Now for a charge of just $29 multiple complaints can be downloaded and mailed to the regulatory authorities who are in a position to get results. helps with Annuity complaints, Equity Indexed Annuity complaint, Equity Indexed Annuity complaints, Annuity surrender charge complaint, Annuity surrender charge complaints, excessive annuity surrender charges, equity indexed annuity surrender charges, equity indexed annuity excessive surrender charge, Fixed annuity complaint, fixed annuity complaints and more.

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