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New York, NY—“Billy Elliot: The Musical” was slapped with a $4 million lawsuit by two New York City theatergoers, who were injured while watching the musical. The two people were injured during a big dance number, just before the curtain came down on the first act of the Nov. 23, 2009 performance, as reported by MyFoxNY.

The Manhattan federal lawsuit claimed that the two Kansas City, Missouri women sitting in the front row of the Imperial Theater were both hit “right in the face” by a plastic crate, which either had slipped out of one of the dancer’s hands or was accidentally kicked into the audience.

Lawyers representing the victims say the “lights came on, they were taken out, and the show went on.”

One victim, identified as Elaine Rosen, 54, sustained a “fairly deep” gash that needed to stitches. The cut reportedly left a “permanent scar” on her face. The other woman, identified as Cynthia Noblit, 60, was diagnosed with a concussion.

The personal injury lawsuit charged the show’s producers, Billy Broadway and NBC Universal, with “general negligence” for “arranging a hazardous and dangerous choreography” and for “failing to give…any notice of warning” to the audience. The suit is seeking $2 million for each injured woman.

The theater reportedly “reached out” to the two women following the accident, even inviting them back to see the show through to its conclusion. In addition, the theater said they changed the stage to prevent any further accidents, according to the plaintiff’s lawyer.

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