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Miami, FL – (Color Business Card News) The online place for affordable business card printing, PrintPelican.com, is setting the record straight on business card etiquette. Through the years color business cards, human interactions, and certainly technology have rapidly evolved. These changes have at times tainted the proper etiquette of business cards use.

With technology dominating the market business professionals are doing more networking on sites like LinkedIn opposed to traditional face to face groups. Additionally color business cards are evolving to include more than traditional contact information of phone number, email, and office address. Today affordable business cards are even being printed with Twitter ID’s, QR Codes and more.

When using a color business card to share contact information, the affordable business card printing team at Print Pelican suggests following these tips:

• When in a business setting, always make sure to carry enough business cards for the occasion. It’s always embarrassing and unprofessional to be caught without any.

• If traveling abroad, try to learn the basics of foreign customs regarding presenting yourself and the exchange of business cards before traveling. Each culture has different customs. For example, in Japan after handing out a color business card, bow and present yourself by stating your name, company, and title.

• If conducting business in multiple countries or with ethnically diverse groups, try to have one side of the color business card printed in the language of the other country. This shows that you are serious about doing business there, and makes a good impression for you and your company.

• Remember that outdated information and corrections made in pen on color business cards is tacky and unprofessional. Keep business cards up-to-date. There are many affordable business card printing options it is inexcusable to have to write corrections on the card, or verbally tell everyone you give the card to that the phone number or address has changed.

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