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Augusta, GA (WiredPRNews.com) Image Max PR has just announced that they are now providing mug shot removal service for customers featured in LookWhoGotBusted.com. Image Max PR specializes in removing mug shot from the first page of Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Remove Look Who Got Busted.com

To have a mug shot removed from Look Who Got Busted.com was nearly impossible until Image Max PR started offering the service on May 15. Since the launch of this new service, Image Max PR has experienced a non-stop flow of sales from clients who desired to have their humiliating mug shot removed from the site.

Look Who Got Busted.com is only one of several mug shot sites covered by Image Max PR. The firm has had success in removing mug shots from Florida Arrest.com, Tampa Mug Shots,JailBase.com, Jailbird.com, PhoenixMugShots.com, and Mug Shot.com. Image Max PR is the only full service removal firm that offers a five day money back guarantee which says that if they have not removed the mug shot in five days the customers is given a 100% refund.

Websites like Look Who Got Busted.com publishes mug shots made available through public records and local police departments. Over the past two months there has been a surge in mug shot sites all trying to cash in on advertising commissions paid by Google AdSense. AdSense pays mug shot site like Look Who Got Busted.com based on the total number of impressions and the total number of clicks.

The more mug shot photos located on the site the greater the earning potential for both the site owners and Google.

Tyronne Jacques the author of How To Fight Google And Win says if a person has a mug shot appearing on the first page of Google then their chances of getting a better job, securing a new contract, or simply getting a date will be greatly harmed.

“The sensation over Mug Shot photos is no longer humiliation reserved for celebrities like Nicolas Cage and Lindsey Lohan, even you can now star in your own embarrassing mug shots. The real tragedy is vigilantly mug shot websites and Google profit off the misfortunes of average everyday citizens, and that is simply not right.”

Image Max PR is recognized as the experts in removing mug shot off the first page of Google. Mug shot sites have become very easy to get in, but thank to Image Max PR they’re now just as easy to get out of. If your mug shot is now appearing in Look Who Got Busted.com then now is a good time to visit Image Max PR and have it deleted Permanently.

Remove Your Mug Shot From LookWhoGotBust.com


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