Sully Erna’s solo album, “Avalon” spiked back onto the Billboard 200 following the premiere of his documentary directorial debut, “The Journey to Avalon,” on Palladia HD.

/ Framingham, Ma – MediaBoss Television, a broadcast media video production company and entertainment label, announced today that the première of Sully Erna’s documentary directorial debut, “The Journey to Avalon,” for which they shot studio footage, catapulted his solo album “Avalon” back into the Billboard Top 200.

“(The documentary) shot us up 282 spots back on to the Billboard,” Erna said about the 2300% sales increase of his solo album, “Avalon.”

“The Journey to Avalon” – airing on Palladia HD – documents the making of the four time Grammy nominated musician’s solo album, Avalon and gives an intimate peek into his recording process, his relationship with his band members and his passion for music. MediaBoss Television captured the studio footage, shot at Serenity East in Boston.

“I haven’t been that surprised since that first time we were presented with a gold record with Godsmack,” Erna said about the news his record was back on the Billboard. “(The band and I) were just in it, working and trying to build things and spread the word when my management company called me and said ‘Check this out’ and showed us the front page of with Avalon listed as number two on their list!”

MediaBoss Television crew shot studio footage for Sully Erna and his band while they recorded Erna’s solo album, “Avalon.”

“This was an excellent result for Sully, a lot of people in this industry told him that his project couldn’t succeed and refused to support him,” Ian Barrett, MediaBoss Television Creative Director said. “Clearly they were wrong and we were more than happy to be a part of bucking the system, we truly believe in the power of television. Noah (Berlow) did an amazing job editing this piece and Dan (Catullo) never shies away from a challenge.”

“It’s a big success for everyone,” Barrett added. “A special thanks goes out to Palladia HD for running this, they had faith.”

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