Pittsburgh, PA (WiredPRNews.com) Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym advised today that any person charged with a DUI over the Memorial Day weekend should call his office immediately for a FREE DUI Consultation at 1-888-384-7761.

Police Departments substantially increase DUI patrols over the Memorial Day weekend. As a result, many people may be stopped for a DUI during this time. Police very often will release those stopped for DUI and tell them that they will be sent further information in the mail. This can be a very confusing process and you may not know what to expect next or what will happen to you. It is for this reason that Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym offers a FREE DUI Consultation.

During the free consultation, Pittsburgh DUI Attorney Heym will explain what will happen next in terms of Court hearings and procedures and what penalties you are facing under current Pennsylvania DUI Law. He will evaluate the merits and potential defenses in your case based upon what happened. Finally, he will explain what all of your options are and what the likely outcome is for each of those options.

If you were stopped for a DUI there is no reason to remain confused – Call Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer George Heym today for a FREE DUI Consultation at 1-888-384-7761 or fill out a contact form online at www.pittsburgh-dui-lawyer.com/contact.htm