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/ Dull, tired looking skin can be very aging. A flawless, even skin tone defines a youthful appearance. Stress, lack of essential vitamins, smoking, alcohol, extreme climates, sun exposure and poor circulation are some of the contributing factors to blotchy, lifeless skin.

Beauté de Paris’ New Lébrillénc skin brightener is a revitalizing concentrate that helps the skin rediscover radiance and brightness by combating dull skin, age spots and other skin blemishes.

Dermatologists advise that the accumulation of free radicals in skin cells can lead to premature aging, cancer, and discoloration or darkening as a result of these factors. Therefore, choosing face skin brightening products that contain the following types of ingredients can be beneficial on a great many levels.: Arbutin, licorice, vitamin C and anti-oxidants

•Arbutin is useful because it inhibits melanin production, which is what is responsible for skin pigmentation.
•Other inhibitors of melanin, combined with Arbutin, including licorice and vitamin C pack a powerful punch.
•Research suggests antioxidants, which dermatologists have already been recommending to help combat skin cancer also aid in skin brightening.

Lébrillénc is formulated with all the above and more. Clinically proven results show Lébrillénc skin tone is lightened and brightened by up to 55% and age spots reduced up to 77%.

Lébrillénc is available for $99.99 and for a limited time only $129.99 for two bottles including free shipping.

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