/EINPresswire.com/ IT Governance Ltd, the one-stop-shop for a comprehensive range of ITIL products and a TSO partner, has announced that its American customers are now able to save money with the ITIL multi-user licenses available on the company’s North American website.

Concurrent ITIL multi-user licenses enable a number of people to simultaneously access the full range of ITIL material in its full online format. Multi-user access to the material is by IP authentication, which means that any person on a corporate network who needs to access the ITIL material will be able to do so – up to the maximum number of simultaneous users permitted by the license. As all users of ITIL material within an organization do not necessarily need to access it simultaneously, multi-user licenses can be a very cost-effective option. One multi-user license, for example, may support between 10 and 15 users inside an organization, depending on the frequency and timing of each user’s access of the material.

Some of the most useful resources for anyone implementing ITIL are the books in the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite. The books in this set form the core guidance to the ITILv3 methodology, and are essential for any organization implementing ITIL, or for students who are doing the intermediate exams. Purchasing a concurrent multi-user license to the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite will ensure that all staff in an organization, involved at any stage of the framework, will benefit from access to the entire library. One and three-year licenses can be purchased here www.itgovernanceusa.com/product/837.aspx.

Organizations that are looking to buy both the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite and the Official Introduction to the ITIL Service should consider taking advantage of the cost-effective option that multi-user license to the ITIL Complete Library Plus offers. The Official Introduction to the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite explains the basic concept of IT service management and the place of ITIL, introducing the new lifecycle model. It also serves to illuminate the background of the new ITIL structure. In combination with the five core ITIL lifecycle books, this title is a valuable investment for every organization that wants to be at the forefront of IT service management. One to five-year licenses can be purchased here www.itgovernanceusa.com/product/871.aspx.

“We can (and often do) supply any number of multi-user licenses for larger organizations that may need hundreds of staff to access the material,” said IT Governance CEO, Alan Calder. “Compared to the cost and inconvenience of purchasing multiple sets of the physical books, a multi-user license is an incredibly attractive option. All ITIL shops ought to have the benefit of one or more ITIL multi-user licenses – it means that everyone on the team can access the current material as and when they need it.”

Organizations can purchase ITIL multi-user licenses online – for one year or, with a further saving, for three years – or they can be purchased through the IT Governance service centre team, either by telephone on +1 877 317 3454 or by e-mail to [email protected] Larger organizations can use a purchase order to acquire licenses.

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