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Private Client Insurance Designers will make its début at Private Client Services, LLC Advisors’ Conference next week, June 15 – 17 2011.

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) is pleased and honored to be joining Private Client Services* at the first ever Advisors Conference in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, June 15 – 17 2011.

Advisors attending meetings will find that the conference was designed to be as inspirational as it is educational and Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) will be there to help.

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) proprietors, Michael Frieda & Fredda Elzweig, will be on hand to provide valuable insights and information and introduce guest speakers from John Hancock and MetLife companies who will brief advisors on important industry trends every advisor needs to know.

Together, these companies will combine the resources and talent to offer some of the most unique Wealth Transfer Solutions and Wealth Building Strategies available in the financial services community today.

Private Client Insurance Designers (PCID) is “the planners’ choice” for advisors whose needs go beyond the ordinary in case design and placement of their life insurance sales.

Private Client Insurance Designs (PCID) www.pcidusa.com is a Crystal Wealth Management, Inc. company www.CrystalWealthUS.com and a proud member of the U.S. Planning Group (NY) family of companies www.uspny.com located at 450 Seventh Avenue, #2600 New York, NY 10123. 1-888-747-44202 212-660-7401

*Securities and Advisory Services offered through Private Client Services, LLC. Member FINRA, SIPC and a Registered Investment Adviser. Private Client Services, LLC and U.S. Planning Group – A New York Corporation are unaffiliated entities.


U.S. Planning Group (NY) is an Independent Financial Planning and Wealth Management company. Free of the pressures and limits of offering only a select set of product choices. We offer clients sound financial advice with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of products from vast array of product manufacturers and financial institutions.

Through one point of contact we can assist clients through life’s transitions with an in depth integrated financial plan just right for their needs.

We’re in the business of caring about clients, their families, and businesses. No matter what the situation, financial success requires careful planning and professional guidance. We pride ourselves in taking clients, their families, and their businesses through the major milestones in life by building, preserving, and endowing wealth, one client at a time.

Many accountants, attorneys, and bankers call on us for advice on behalf of their clients, in addition to engaging us to help them manage their own affairs.

We are ready to assist clients in overcoming the challenges of life and business. And ready to simplify the complexity of navigating the complex financial problems associated with taxes, retirement, illness, or death.

Visit us @ www.uspny.com or call 1-888-747-4402 to speak to one of our Financial Advisors to find out how.

Private Client Insurance Designers

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