Georgetown, Texas ( – A Williamson County jury returned a verdict of “not guilty” today in a trial in County Court at Law #1. The jury deliberated for just over one hour to return this verdict, following a two day trial for DWI 2nd. After hearing the verdict read in court, defense attorney Doug Ranney stated, “I am pleased that the jury reached this decision. They have a tremendous responsibility to follow the law, and I believe they did just that.”

Ranney went on to add, “My client was facing significant punishment but always maintained his innocence. Few people prefer the risk and stress of a trial, but that was the only way he could clear his name. He is relieved to finally have this accusation behind him.”

Ranney practices at the law offices of Robert M. Phillips & Associates, a Georgetown criminal defense law firm. They represent clients who have had drunk driving arrests or any other criminal charge.

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