Texas lawmakers have filed ‘loser pays’ bills in both the House and Senate warn Dallas Texas Auto Accident Attorneys

/EINPresswire.com/Dallas, TX – Texan politicians are walking a tight line between working for Texas residents to preserve and protect legal rights and aiding large corporations with the filing of the ‘Loser Pays’ bill state the Dallas Texas Auto Accident Attorneys at 1800-Car-Wreck. Backed by Governor Rick Perry, state Senators Joan Huffman and Brandon Creighton have submitted bills proposing a loser pays tort reform initiative.

Dallas Texas Auto Accident Attorneys explain that a loser pays system would most impact Texas’ middle to lower class and small businesses by placing them at a disadvantage when facing a big corporation in court. In systems such as the one proposed by Huffman and Creighton, if a court or jury determines a lawsuit is frivolous the losing party is held responsible for paying the defendants court. This idea of a frivolous lawsuit filer paying court costs means that even if a plaintive wins a verdict they could still be forced to pay the defendant’s legal costs if the suit is deemed unnecessary explains the Dallas Texas Auto Accident Attorneys. When dealing with astronomical legal fees from big businesses, this is an expense that most Texans cannot risk.

The loser pays systems is also known as English Rule because of it was at one time used in Britain. Britain however is moving away from the loser pays systems points out the Dallas Texas Auto Accident Attorney. In a recent report their Ministry of Justice recommends changing to an “American Rule” in which people would pay their own legal costs so that all citizens could have a chance at a fair trial heard in court.

The loser pays system does not work in England and has failed miserably in the United States as well. It is important to learn from history says Dallas Auto Accident Attorney Amy Witherite and looking back only a few short years we can see the failure of a loser pays system in the Florida courts. If the tort reform passes the Texas House and Senate, Texans rights as American citizens will be suppressed by the fear of financial ruin.

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