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CheapINK, a nine year old Illinois based compatible and brand named ink and toner recycler and reseller, announced today the signing of a contract with NewWave Marketing, a seven year old Chicago-based marketing and public relations firm. CheapINK will retain NewWave Marketing services to increase its overall exposure, launch new and exciting next generation technology solutions, rebrand the organization, increase website and mobile traffic, increase public relations exposure and ultimately build new client relationships.

CheapINK LLC opened its doors 2002, started by two brothers still in college Jacob and Aaron Dallek. Using the true entrepreneurial spirit these two young men after attending a Comdex Show, started to approach their friends and family and even the school and began reselling printer cartridges from their dorms. As more and more interest grew in getting cost effective printer cartridges and recycling old one, these two young men went directly to suppliers and negotiated larger contracts which would provide to both consumers and businesses alike. Now in 2011, CheapINK LLC can sell and recycle nearly every model of printer ink cartridges and toner. Even though they are within a saturated marketplace, competing against suppliers such as Best Buy, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, and CDW among others, this company flourishes. CheapINK LLC has maintained a solid growth plan in the last 9 years. They have made it a point to grow organically, through a bootstrap model. They also pride themselves on their use of innovative technologies including, easy to use social web models and they are even in the next few months launching their first truly interactive mobile application. The company also has a unique referral program which offers its customers a 1% commission for the lifetime of sales for any new customer referred. Lastly, the recycling program is tailor made to fit the clients’ needs and makes recycling as convenient as possible.

According to Aaron Dallek, Managing partner of CheapINK LLC, “My brother and I have been successful at this business because we complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I am considered the big ideas guy, with a pie in the sky mentality where my brother is the pragmatic one, the realist. We have our tells, but we truly trust each other and respect each other’s opinions. At times we can even anticipate what the other one says before he says it. All I can say is that Jacob brings me down to Earth while I bring him up from the grind and it has allowed us to make a great company in the middle.”

“At this point we are looking to bring our Company to the next level, so we have brought, a leading-edge marketing and public relations company, to drastically increase our visibility with our key target markets” stated Jacob Dallek, Managing partner of CheapINK LLC. “NewWave Marketing’s unique process and proven results give us confidence and name recognition as we expand and acquire new clients throughout the United States of America and abroad”

In part, NewWave Marketing will be creating a marketing plan and public relations plan, creating new messaging and branding, creating and performing search engine marketing for the CheapINK website and mobile application. In addition New Wave Marketing will provide a breadth of offline marketing and online/offline public relations services to the firm.

“We’re very excited to be partnered with CheapINK LLC,” said Jennifer Gerlach, president and CEO of NewWave Marketing. “Their dedication to serving the customer base is extremely impressive. Their reputation, innovation, and overall business acumen brings to the table both a great client, and a great example of what a trusted vendor should be. We look forward to enhancing their profile on the Web and providing them new leads while demonstrating our commitment to the growth and increased exposure of our clientele”


CheapINK LLC is a 9 year old Chicago based company has found a way to utilize innovation to create cost and time saving solutions for all printer cartridge and toner purchases. Through the Company’s unique intuitive online and mobile based printer cartridge offering CheapINK can save its clients up to 40% over its current competitors. CheapINK, though a player within a saturated market, has found a way to utilize iPhone application technology to speed the purchasing process of buying cost effective printer cartridges and toner. The Company currently services North American markets across multiple verticals, including consumers, school systems, small businesses, mid to large corporations, among others. For more information come to www.mycheapINK.com.

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